About Us

For us, paradise is far beyond our great location. Our associates and members of our workforce are the true spirit behind the body of our operation.

Over the years the owners and administration have done their best to hire as many locals as they can so as to have the most positive impact possible on the humble families that grace these lands of Costa Rica.

Along the way, the hotel owners and workforce members have been able to accomplish much more than the average modern-day business because their operation is not just focused on making money. We are all very passionate about what we do and we all understand our common mission in taking care of you, our guests. In essence, making our guests happy, makes us happy and it is what we love to do for a living.

Although our workforce members come from humble upbringings where education was more scarce, their lack of resources and opportunities growing up has not halted their learning processes. Each one of our Cocomar staff members brings their natural expertise to the table, and the administration of Cocomar has taken great honor in guiding our workforce members on how to hone their natural strengths and abilities so that they can continue to ascend to new heights as they commence or continue their professional careers.